About Us

Raison d’être

Corporate academics often call this an organization’s “value proposition”. Without it, an organization simply has no purpose for existence. This means there is no innovative service or difference provided by the organization to make a company attractive to customers.

Most title comapnies do not have one. Finding a title agent anxious to sell you services is easy. There are hundreds of providers with an office at every major intersection and in most real estate offices. Title services has become a commodity- leaving marketing trinkets as the only distinction between providers.

Arden Title has rejected this premise with an adoption of our raison d’être. Arden Title serves clients who need more than just a standard residential product. Custom services are our primary focus. We serve fewer clients, allowing us to customize process and product in ways that most providers could not, even if they were inclined to. If you have ever had to ask a title provider “why cant you..?” – consider Arden Title for your business.


Raymond Lemmons began in the title industry in 1952 and was later joined by his son, attorney Chad Lemmons in 1972. After founding Arden Title, the Lemmons family brought in additional service capabilities with a team of closers who have been providing excellent customer service for over 30 years.

When placing an order with Arden Title, you are trusting your business with legal expertise forged by 63 years of experience. In addition, your settlement will be handled by a team of thorough, professional closers with the knowledge necessary to solve even the most complex title issues.

Rest assured, Arden Title will guide you and your clients with simplicity and ease through the entire process – giving you unprecedented protection and service that only Arden Title can provide.