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Title Insurance

An Owner’s Policy provides assurance that your title insurance company will stand behind you—monetarily and with legal defense if needed—if a covered title problem arises after you buy your home. An Owner’s Policy is issued in the amount of the real estate purchase for a one-time fee at closing and lasts as long as you have an interest in the property. Only an Owner’s Policy protects the buyer should a covered title problem arise. Possible hidden title problems can include:

  • Errors or omissions in deeds
  • Mistakes in examining record
  • Forgery
  • Undisclosed heirs

A Lender’s Policy, which is typically paid for by the homeowner, protects the mortgage lender from financial loss for covered risks and, in most cases, ensures that the mortgage is the only lien against the property. Lenders know the value of protecting their investment and insist on title insurance for that reason. This type of policy protects only the lender’s interest in the property.

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Abstracts are a detailed listing of public records related to a piece of property. At Arden Title, we can create a new abstract or update existing one. We can provide abstracting services in most Minnesota counties using some of the most experienced abstractors in the industry. We can also provide abstracts in Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona and other states upon request. Trying to obtain this information yourself can prove to be very difficult, so let us help! For more information, contact us today! We look forward to working with you.


Arden Title knows that there are many benefits to refinancing, and we want to make sure all the correct steps are taken so you can fully enjoy these perks. Refinancing can increase your cash flow, allow you to switch to a shorter-term mortgage and even give you the opportunity to access the equity in your home. We offer multi-option closings including mobile closings at your home, at your office or in one of our many offices. At Arden Title, we truly care about our clients and strive to deliver a convenient, simple, exceptional closing experience.

For Sellers

As a seller, it’s important to understand the process of selling your home. As simple as it seems, selling often involves fees and expenses that are often misunderstood or accepted as part of the transaction. Arden Title will be there for you and will ensure the process is seamless, transparent, fast and cost efficient. We offer flexible closing schedules, flexible locations, and mobile pre-signing options. Please contact us for details on how we can save you money and guide you every step of the way.

For Buyers

Congratulations – you bought a house! Now what? Arden Title has years of experience in real estate transactions and we work extensively with real estate agents, loan officers, and other title companies across Minnesota. Our staff will manage every detail of the closing process to ensure a smooth transaction. We have flexible closing schedules, remote closing locations and will work with you to make your closing experience seamless.