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Arden Title can prepare new patent forward abstracts for most Minnesota counties. Arden Title has some of the most experienced abstractors in the industry and we deliver nothing but the most high-quality information. Arden can provide abstracting services in Minnesota*, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona and most other states upon request. Trying to obtain this information yourself will prove itself to be very difficult, so let us help! For more information, contact us today! We look forward to working with you.

*Minnesota abstract requests are conducted by a Minnesota Individual Licensed Abstractor with 30 years experience.

Title Insurance

Similar to fire insurance, title insurance protects the owner from any potential problems and helps ensure the protection of their assets. Land title insurance protects the future property owner against any other ownership claims associated with their property. Unlike fire insurance, for a one time fee land title insurance protects you from all events including events that took place in the past for the entire length of ownership. Make sure you’re protected well into the future with land title insurance from Arden Title! With a rich history of serving customers with accuracy and efficiency, we will guide you and protect you from any harmful circumstances associated with your new property. Find out more about our services today!

Escrow Services

Here at Arden Title., we will act as the stakeholder and obtain any and all approvals from each party. We will regulate and process all of the records and finances for you, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Our experts will bridge the gap between you and the other party and get a full understanding of your requirements before speaking on your behalf. You can trust us to represent you in the best way possible and skillfully bring your deal to completion. With years of experience in the industry and hundreds of escrows successfully settled, we can walk you through the entire process for a smooth transaction.

Call us today to discuss your future escrow settlement!


Arden Title. knows that there are many benefits to refinancing, and we want to make sure all the correct steps are taken so you can fully enjoy these perks. Refinancing can increase your cash flow, allow you to switch to a shorter-term mortgage and even give you the opportunity to access the equity in your home. We will consider all aspects when it comes time to close your new mortgage, property value, credit history, assets and more. Here at Arden Title, we truly care about our clients and want to deliver them the best possible results. Together, we will utilize our tools and resources to accommodate your needs and save you money.